Anti-Bullying Squad – Anoushka Jolly Initiative

Anoushka Jolly of grade 2A was featured on the YOUNG BYJU’S GENIUS show of News18 TV network on 20th March 2021 for her social initiative, Anti Bullying Squad. Anti Bullying Squad, started by Anoushka when she was only nine years old, is a tech-based startup against bullying. It aims to reduce bullying in schools and campuses by taking sessions with school … Continue reading Anti-Bullying Squad – Anoushka Jolly Initiative

Outdoor Camps

An integral component of the MYP curriculum, outdoor camps offer the students an opportunity to engage in concepts like collaboration, compassion, and empathy not only in theory but in action. Engaging in goal driven tasks, students develop the skills of problem solving and leadership thus fostering International Mindedness. Surviving in the wilderness is yet another … Continue reading Outdoor Camps

Language Profile Day

On September 30, students across MYP1-MYP5 celebrated Language Profile Day. Language profile day is the day when we embrace the multilingualism in all of us. We celebrate this day to show the importance of languages throughout the world. Form tutors engaged in several activities with students encouraging their mother tongue. The idea is to promote and celebrate the diversity!   The students … Continue reading Language Profile Day

Black Lives Matter #BLM

Students across MYP-DP expressed their views, ideas and thoughts on the issue in varied forms. Echoing loudly with the world, Pathwaysians found their voice resonating with the world-wide concern #BLM. Pledging their voices against injustice, inequality and unfair practices MYP students created infographics and posters to raise awareness about the movement. Connecting with their lived … Continue reading Black Lives Matter #BLM