A Not So Simple Harmonic Motion Lesson

Ah! The next semester has finally arrived. After a long winter break, the time has come to study, to examine new concepts, to tackle obstacles like online learning, and find solutions to make our lessons fruitful. In our Band 4 Physics classes, we had a delightful discussion on our new unit “Waves”.   During this week, we learnt about the concepts of Oscillations and Simple Harmonic Motion. Notably, a … Continue reading A Not So Simple Harmonic Motion Lesson

On Understanding Strengths and Using them! 

I do not think a lesson interpretation has ever started like this and I doubt it ever will, but I joined class a few minutes late (internet problems, honest). Thankfully, nothing had developed into substance, and we were just starting off.   Ms. Deepika, our Wellbeing teacher for the day began the class by sending a PadLet link. However, in Ms. Deepika’s truest sense, she fuelled the ominous tone … Continue reading On Understanding Strengths and Using them! 

No Energy to Start Energetics! 

We began Week B with chemistry and are ending it with chemistry. Therefore, how well these classes go truly define how the rest of my week goes! The first day of school after the winter break, we began the latest unit: Energetics.   However, having my classes with Ms. Anuja, like usual we did not dive headfirst, rather began with a trip to small niceties. She … Continue reading No Energy to Start Energetics! 

Glendale Conference

Emergent Entrepreneurs at Glen-Con Glendale Academy is a prestigious institution in Hyderabad that recently started a Glen conference in which they were eleven events: Pitch your Plan, Adzap, Ninety Seconds to Frame, Theory to Tangible, jingle all the Way, Science on Stage, Digital Art, Life on Focus, Real to Reel, Fashion Fiesta, and Mélange. Three … Continue reading Glendale Conference

Republic Day Assembly

Pathways School Gurgaon celebrated India’s 73rd Republic Day, virtually by showcasing the country’s rich cultural heritage and valour through a whole-school assembly conducted live on Microsoft Teams.   In his address, Capt. Bajaj wished everyone and spoke about the values of a soldier, motivating students to feel grateful for the heroes of our nation. Sir’s address was … Continue reading Republic Day Assembly

Tomorrow is now – Why it is important to Push International Curriculum in India

Capt. Rohit Sen Bajaj 2020 was a year unlike any we have experienced before … until 2021. We have witnessed the “hoaxification” of the COVID-19 pandemic, massive civic unrest in response to long-tolerated systemic racism and injustice, continued denial of climate change in spite of an increasingly inhospitable natural environment. At the root of these … Continue reading Tomorrow is now – Why it is important to Push International Curriculum in India