/‘Who We Are – A Discovery Within’ – The Celebration of Learning of PYP 2

‘Who We Are – A Discovery Within’ – The Celebration of Learning of PYP 2

After  weeks of inquiring, reflecting and practicing for our grand event ‘The Celebration of Learning’, our hard work finally bore fruit! The magnificent event aptly titled – ‘Who We Are – A Discovery Within’ was an authentic and vibrant showcase of our learning of the unit on ‘Communities’ under the TD Theme ‘Who we are’.

Our second graders shared their knowledge of the various communities they had inquired into, both regional and international. We had various stations, each showcasing a particular community: Maasai, Aboriginal, Santhal, Kar Sevak and communities from the Culture Gully.

At the Maasai and Aboriginal stations, students shared their learnings about these international communities. They showcased the models they had created and interesting artefacts. Through multiple hands-on engagements, students shared the essence of these indigenous cultures.

The Santhal Community station showcased the tribal community that our respected President of India, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu, belongs to. It was interesting to note that the Santhals strongly believe in gender equality and celebrate the birth of a daughter with as much fervor as the birth of a son!

The Kar-Sevak community station was a reflection of our earlier visit to the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara. Through a mock set-up, titled ‘LOVE. SERVE. GIVE. TOGETHER’, students shared their experience of the Kar Sevak community serving water to devotees and keeping their shoes while they are in the holy place. They also prompted the parents to pledge to do seva.

The ‘Culture Gully’ station highlighted the 8 regional and international communities we had experienced through the Culture Gully. In this station titled ‘AROUND THE WORLD’ students engaged parents in interactive activities, showcasing similarities and differences between the cultures.

On display were also poems created and written by our very own learners, as part of Language integration! The beautiful dot paintings and sculptures made in the Visual Arts classes, added vibrancy and colour to our event!

Post their presentations, our second graders took to the stage and mesmerized the audience with their spectacular performances! Based on our school motto, each performance was centered around the theme ‘Learn. Work. Play. Think. LIVE’. Through the Taiko Japanese drumming, our learners gave out the message to ‘Learn’ to appreciate diversity. Our choir performance showed that to achieve our goals, we must ‘Work’ hard and work together! The dance performance indicated a sense of ‘Play’ where music, sound, beats, and emotions come together! The drama performance prompted us to ‘Think’ about the challenging lives of artists and the music and movement show inspired us to ‘Live’ our lives to the fullest! Our dedicated and confident second graders literally stole the show with their enthusiasm and consistent hard work, and we are proud to call them a part of the Pathways Learning community!