/Typathon: A Typing Tournament for Primary learners

Typathon: A Typing Tournament for Primary learners

The Primary ICT Department hosted a typing tournament for all grades from 1 to 5 in the week the students joined back in January 2023. This competition was primarily conceptualised to develop the typing skills of all the students across primary school and help learners recognize the importance of both speed and accuracy while typing. The students attempted a typing race on an online resource called Type Rush during their regular ICT lessons. Their scores were recorded as an average of their words per minute and accuracy, using which the Typing Champion of each class was finalised. All typing champions from each grade was awarded a certificate.

The following week, all the champions from every grade level competed to become a Typing Wizard of that grade. We saw immense excitement amongst the students to build  their typing skills and wanting to break their own score with each subsequent attempt. Students have even been practising at home and sharing screenshots of their scores with the teachers. This event has created a ripple effect in developing an interest in typing among the learners and has turned out to be quite a success!