/PYP 3 Celebration of learning

PYP 3 Celebration of learning

Celebration of learning is an opportunity for the students and teachers to unite as a community to denote a sense of pride in students’ academic and creative achievements. It let the students come in the spotlight and use their voice and choice to showcase their knowledge both through creative performances and educational articulation. It was this huge opportunity that the students of Grade 3 used to the best of their abilities. On 13th December 2022, the students integrated the learning from their two units, Peace and Conflict and Light and Sound and presented an amalgamation of the core principles of bringing world peace through scientific know-how. The theme they chose for their showcase was A JEDI (A – An action for J-Justice, E-Equality, D- Diversity, I-Inclusion). The students manipulated light and sound energies and presented a dramatic show through MIME act, Dance, Song and Percussion and captured their audience’s attention.

Through the stage performance, the students raised awareness among the parents to rise and take an action in their everyday life to bring justice and equality and to respect diversity and inclusion with the vision of making the world a better place to live. This was followed up with mini shadow puppet theatres created in every classroom with teams of students presenting skits through shadow play wherein they used light effects and foley sounds. Overall, the entire showcase was very captivating for the parents and nurtured the characteristics of commitment, responsibility, and ownership among the students.