/Goonj Donation- An Early Years initiative

Goonj Donation- An Early Years initiative

This Diwali, with the aim of lighting up lives, our young learners dressed in traditional attire, came forward to contribute books, stationary, toys for underprivileged children. This endeavour was planned in collaboration with Goonj, a non-governmental organization that employs resources as a vehicle to address critical gaps in rural infrastructure, water, environment, livelihood, education, health, disaster relief, and disaster rehabilitation. The event’s message was to remember that while we celebrate festivals and partake in our favourite activities, there is a segment of society that is deprived of these joys. The festivity is made more special and meaningful for the students as well as the beneficiaries when all in the community are included in our celebrations. This effort was the ideal representation of the service oriented Pathwaysians, whose initiatives on all levels demonstrate their deep connections to the community.