/Experiential Learning  

Experiential Learning  

The inquirers of PYP 5 were engaged in an experiential learning opportunity through a valuable guest speaker session by Dr. Dipti Thukral (mother of Rishabh Thukral of PYP 5R) this week.  

Dr. Dipti Thukral is a Polymer scientist working on Nanotechnology based medicine delivery systems for cancer therapy. She is a PhD from IIT Delhi with more than two decades of professional experience serving the life science wing of Defence research and development organization.  

She enlightened our young learners who are inquiring into the unit on matter under the TD theme ‘How the world works”. She depicted an understanding of different forms of matter and their application in our daily lives through experiments on capillary action, insulators and conductors and Archimedes principle of buoyancy and paper chromatography.   

It was indeed an interactive and enlightening session which broadened the horizons of our young learners.