/Researching on Libraries  

Researching on Libraries  

A pertinent pillar for research is the consideration of diverse mediums of information for mitigating unintentional nescience as well as allowing diverse perspectives in knowledge to seep through, thereby enabling us in making informed conclusions and decisions. The idea of ‘research’ in modern times usually evokes an inclination to solely utilize technology, hindering the scope of exploration and acquisition of information.  

The objective of this research session was to familiarize the cohort with the generous resources offered by the library and their application in endeavors of research – abundantly present in the Diploma Program. 

The books have been organized meticulously through the Dewey Decimal System. The labels on the spine of the books have two other classifications: Fiction or Non-fiction, and the reading level required for comprehending the book. These segregations make it easier to navigate through the vast expanse of the library and find the perfect reference for our research. 

To familiarize ourselves with the process of locating relevant books in the library, an activity was conducted where we were required to formulate research questions and undertake the search for relevant books to aid us in the exploration of the chosen topic. I chose to explore the role of techno centrism in the recession of the date on which ecological overshoot has taken place every year, for the past decade. This inquiry has been drawn from the discipline of Environmental Systems and Societies and is an attempt at addressing my fascination and perplexity at learning that mankind manages to exploit budgeted resources provided by the environment for the whole year.  

I was almost sure I wouldn’t find anything relevant for a topic this specific and niche. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Under the guidance of Ms. Suryanshu, I searched through the division allocated to History & Geography, as well as Social Studies, and found plentiful resources to satisfy my inquiry. As I skimmed through the books, I observed the topic being approached from different perspectives of capitalism, demographic data, etc. which helped me develop a rounded view on the subject matter. 

The session made me understand the value of the resources held by the library and instilled a sense of immense gratitude that we are provided with such vast, expansive, enlightening knowledge in an accessible manner at Pathways School Gurgaon. 

Saara Parijaat, DP1