/PYP Exhibition Resource directory 

PYP Exhibition Resource directory 

Students have started connecting with the learning community of parents, teachers, MYP student and alumni to take their PYP exhibition journey forward.  

An opportunity to explicitly learn about the issue on ‘Stress and Mood related concerns’, The Healthy Helping Hands invited a mental health and well-being expert, Dr. Deepika.  

Dr. Deepika is a trained psychologist and passionate well-being activist, working emphatically in the field of Counselling. The session started with a reflective conversation about answering the question, ‘How are you?’. Answers to the question helped students explore various emotions and describe ways of expressing these emotions. Through activities, an insight was developed on the importance of having regular mental well-being routine that helps build a vocabulary of emotions, respecting the different perceptions of people and being empathetic listeners to self and others. 

Overall, the session provided clarity to students on building more impactful actions.