/On Corridor Science: DT & CS Chapter 

On Corridor Science: DT & CS Chapter 

As a continuation of our previous events which are a part of the corridor science series, this month we had the opportunity to delve deeper into the world of Computer Science and Design. The students of DP 1 and DP 2 along with Ms. Ruchika Dutt and Ms. Niharika Singh had established four different stations including a plethora of activities as well as a video to commend the students for their achievements gotten from different events. 

The first station consisted of a 3D laser printer which worked by extruding molten plastic through a tiny nozzle that moves around precisely under computer control to print an object of one’s choice. 3D printer is one of the best examples to convert our creativity and imagination into a reality. This had the students flabbergasted with the creation of something from nothing, this is what it would seem like to a normal human being until they got to know the way the machine truly works.

The excitement by the students was further increased through our second and third stations which included origami making as well as making objects using small bamboo sticks. By definition “Design is the process of envisioning and planning the creation of objects, interactive systems, buildings, vehicles, etc.” and these two stations help establish the presence of this definition by letting students put their creative modes on and take a break from those exhausting studies to create stunning pieces such as planes, birds and more.

Our last station was a video showing the involvement of the most senior students of PSG in different competitions and earning different prizes by pushing beyond their limits. This consisted of Shankh Gupta, Antarkish Verma, Adit Sehgal and Kanav Sehrawat, who participated in Hackathon, were able to achieve first place in SHIS Tech a highly prestigious event held at Scottish high international school. The second team consisting of Kanav Arora, Vihaan Gupta and Shreyas Handa came third in reelcraft, an event created to test student’s ability to work under pressure, with time constraints as well as limited resources to produce a film. Our last event consisted of SHIS Fest, which had Oshwin Dang, Eito Ogawa, Vihaan Gupta and Riana Kapur, who achieved second place in the 3D design competition by creating a modernized vegetable cart. 

The event was truly successful as we were able to see students go deeper into their creative minds and explore the world from a design and computer science perspective. We hope that this event was able to get the students interested in these subjects or just have a fun time between their breaks.