/Let’s Bring Reading Back!

Let’s Bring Reading Back!

Anupama Saini from the British Council Library was immensely informative. The entire process from subscription to accessing the resources on the digital library was explained in comprehensive detail. It was a delight to know that Pathways has a subscription to the British Council Library.  

The credentials can be provided by Ms Suryanshu and the resources could add tremendous value to our learning and teaching practices as well as aid in our personal growth.

The subscription provides access to both the physical and the digital library. The resources on the digital library include books and e-books, films, music, audiobooks, comics, graphic novels, academic journals, research papers, self-access training, newspapers, magazines, and more. It was also good to know that teachers get certain benefits as part of the subscription. The events held at the physical Library like creative writing for kids and adults, reading challenges and storytelling would definitely bring a dying habit of reading back to life! Thank you Ms Seema Suryanshu for organizing this session which has encouraged us to make optimum use of the rich resources that are available to us. 

– By Deepika Shekhawat, DP Student Counsellor