/Laurels at the WSC Global Round, Dubai

Laurels at the WSC Global Round, Dubai

Fortune does favour the brave and this has been my biggest learning experience. After winning laurels at the World Scholar’s Cup – Global Round at Dubai, I was very keen to take my school forward to the Tournament of Champions. This was a challenge logistically, as visas were not being issued. My determination and perseverance helped me not to give up and I reached out to other teams and groups across the globe to form a team. I struck lucky just two weeks before the competition and found a Slovenian team which needed a third member.

  • Our team has been ranked 17th in the championship from a pool of 600 teams.
  • We also received the top teams medal for Europe
  • Also, the top team medal for the Mediterranean Region
  • Team debate Gold
  • Team bowl Silver
  • Team writing Silver
  • Total tally of medals- 24

Individual awards as follows-

  • Individual debate gold
  • Individual writing silver
  • Individual for challenge literature and media silver
  • Media team bowl silver
  • Team writing silver
  • Team debate gold
  • Team challenge silver
  • I was also ranked 50th individually from a pool of 1800 fellow competitors

I am extremely grateful for all the support and mentorship the school, teachers and friends have given me. I hope to continue to bring laurels to my school in my quest towards excellence.

By Samaaya Malik, MYP 4, Vice Head of Events