/EBC Shoot Reflection

EBC Shoot Reflection

The EBC shoot took place on Monday this week wherein all of us who had participated in the Everest Base Camp Expedition had to reflect on our journey and learnings. It was a wonderful opportunity presented to us by the school as we were able to document our story.    

The reflections were divided throughout the whole journey, and everyone spoke about one part from the whole expedition. Through this method we were organised as no one overlapped anyone else and were able to cover every part of the journey. Each reflection had to be 15-20 seconds long only which was very less time to do justice to all of the little moments that we experienced. Although we felt that way the limit could not be exceeded. Here our skills were put to test as we had to choose the best words to describe our experience and explain so much in so little. Although a little challenging we were able to communicate our thoughts and feelings through our pieces. 

I spoke about the training that we did for the expedition as it was also an essential part of our journey. My reflection was, ‘Our training started from the instance the team was finalized in August. The morning practice sessions were led by Bidisha ma’am and Rahul sir who helped us increase our lung capacity and muscle strength. It was also instrumental in building not giving up attitude in the team.’  

My experience on this day was of mixed emotions as I was remembering the surreal moments and the hard treks that brought back memories from the expedition. Some of us were also nervous as we had to memorise our lines and speak in front of the camera. The shoot was set up very professionally as there was extra lighting, a green screen, camera and professional videographers. The room might have felt a bit intimidating to some because of its setting. Although it also made us feel special as so much was being done even after we were back from the expedition. 


Overall, it was a good experience as we looked back and evaluated what we learnt in between those treks. We realised that a lot was to be learnt and we had advanced as individuals after the expedition. I also realised that we learn through our experiences and by the guidance of our mentors. This was a life changing, transformative experience for us all and has inspired us to become better individuals every day. 

Vani Singhania (DP 1 – C)