/Parent Speak: Base Camp Expedition

Parent Speak: Base Camp Expedition

It’s been a once in a lifetime experience for all involved. The kids and us parents have all learnt invaluable lessons. Much gratitude and appreciation for all you did for the kids and for the great effort you put in to keep us all informed and engaged to you Rohit Sir and to Rahul Sir and Bidisha Ma’am. Also to the Snow leopard team, the Sherpas and the backhand team lead by Rajeev Sir – A big thanks to you all. Last but not the least a big round of applause for all our bravehearts, nothing will be insurmountable for you all in the future. Well done! We are all so so proud of you!

“To the PSG teachers and Capt Bajaj, to the snow leopard team and doctors and sherpas to were pillars of strength for our babies. Much gratitude for the experience and for taking care of them like your own! Needless to say we lived vicariously through you all each day!” #proudmum

“Whilst we would have loved to see the full team back side this today, we can’t but feel grateful enough for the last 15 days to have passed without any issues – thanks to Capt Bajaj, Rahul sir and Bidisha Ma’am, who handled everything so well. Capt Bajaj, you have been inspirational, a true leader. Forever indebted to you.”

“Sir, you’ve so effectively communicated and articulated what this past 15 days meant! Many thanks to you for showing what the phrase “Leading from front” means! We will miss seeing all three of you.”

“Sir, the kids have probably learnt a tremendous amount from you already; not just the reflection sessions, but also leading from the front and taking charge in difficult situations (/uncharted territory.) Thanks to you and other teachers and coaches for supporting the children in this achievement!”

“Thank you sir, Rahul sir and Bidisha ma’am, for your encouragement and inspiration to the kids throughout the trip ! I am sure they will remember this one forever.”

“Thank you very much for inspiring and motivating PSG EBC team to make this successful mission. Special thanks to Bidisha Mam, Rahul Sir and snow leopard team.”