/Well-Being Week Reflection

Well-Being Week Reflection

This week we celebrated “Mental Health Week” … As the name suggests, Mental Health Week is a week dedicated to the need for good mental health and well-being.

Aligned with the theme, mental well-being, the mornings were packed with many activities such as mindfulness where we focused on encouraging positive thoughts and getting rid of negative feelings. Another highlight of Mental Health Week was writing notes to fellow peers and teachers as a token of gratitude, helping us realise the importance of them in our lives.

It was pleasing to see the pleasant smiles on our peers’ and teachers’ faces as they read our thoughts…As they say, “gratitude is the best attitude…”

In conclusion, Mental Health Week was a great opportunity to be more mindful/self-aware of oneself and express gratitude to the important people in our lives…

By Ahaana Kumar MYP 1A