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Books and Beyond

Reading opens the doors to all kinds of new perspectives! Each book has the oral of the story, and through the Books & Beyond event, we depicted all kinds of takeaways and opinions about the graphic novel, ‘White Bird’. The story takes place in France, during the second world war. It shows the life of Sara Blum, a Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis with the help of her classmate, Julien Beaumier. The Books & Beyond event was conducted for MYP 3, and we worked tirelessly in our Language & Literature classes to produce our products for the showcase. For my product, I recreated one of the significant items in the book, which was Sara Blum’s birthday cake that the Beaumiers baked for her (the family that hid her from the Nazis). It was a chocolate cake, which was quite special to Sara, as during the war, cacao was not easily available due to food shortages. The time that the family had shared with Sara was a special moment, as they had also found out that the war was coming to an end!I baked this cake to celebrate Sara’s birthday, and shared the special moment with my peers, teachers, and parents by serving it! I have always enjoyed baking, and this event felt like the perfect opportunity to combine two of the things I love – Baking & Literature! I also created plaque cards to show the ingredients that I used, along with the citations for the recipe. I also displayed the page where Sara and the Beaumiers celebrated Sara’s birthday. I was able to showcase this part of the book (Sara’s birthday), which I enjoyed a lot! Along with baking, I also created bookmarks that each had a quote from the book. Each of them was a phrase from a common set of lines said by a few of the characters. I also created a few bookmarks with the title of the book on them. Along with slices of cake, this was another set of souvenirs that I created, which gave people an idea of the other aspects of the book. I wrote these quotes as they depicted another significant part of the book, which is what I wanted to show. Many showcases made this event a wonderful experience! There was a play that depicted what could have happened if Sara and Julien were reunited, as well as a music performance that related to the context of the book, artworks that depicted significant objects/people, and much more! I enjoyed watching all the performances and showcases, as they helped me delve deeper into my interpretations of the book! I was able to look at different components of the book from different angles, which made me understand the author’s intention more in-depth. Overall, this event was a huge success due to the effort that was put in by the students and the teachers, and I personally had a lot of fun while preparing! It gave me an insight into what exhibitions and showcases could be like, along with more perspectives and interpretations of the graphic novel.

By Saesha Sanjay Chanana, MYP 3E, Cub Reporter