/Festival of Hope: Choose Change

Festival of Hope: Choose Change

Real change begins when we choose hope. By believing that we have the power to make an impact, we take the first step on the journey to changing our world. The choice is yours. But you are not alone. This is an invitation to join an inspiring community that will help us think boldly, nurture our curiosity, and empower us to act together.
Welcome to the Festival of Hope.

Think boldly.
Inquire bravely.
Act together.

Every challenge is a choice: we choose to see a world of opportunities.
To redefine what matters, rethink how we live, and discover our strength to make real change.

The Festival of Hope is designed to unite us in this challenging moment. It’s about creating spaces where millions of young people can come to speak their truth and feel heard. To come together to turn complex challenges into positivity and hope.

With opportunities to engage virtually and in person, the first season of events will run until February 2023. But the Festival doesn’t have an expiration date. Instead, it’s built to continue growing and evolving to support the ideas, conversations, and projects that arise from the community.

Important topics.
Diverse voices.

At the Festival of Hope, we are not afraid of asking hard questions. We want to frame our discussions around the topics we care most about: climate, peace, well-being, technology and justice.

We are bringing together diverse voices and experiences from across the globe – hosting interviews, workshops and opportunities for action.

And we’re giving the floor to each and everyone of you: your voice matters.

Introducing the theme:

Educating in the Meaning Crisis: Rebalancing Head, Heart and Hand

How to make sense of the world in times of crisis? The Festival of Hope is a reminder that we can find meaning in little acts of kindness, small changes we make in our everyday life, and in the small-scale activities we engage in with our local communities.

We wanted to create a space that sparks creative ideas, where we can inspire and empower each other and take action together. This is the way to make a big impact: when our heads, hearts and hands work in harmony.

Know More: https://ibo.org/festival-of-hope/about-the-festival/