/Reinforcing the Strength of Positive Assertions

Reinforcing the Strength of Positive Assertions

Generally, in interactions with the counselors it is not difficult to decipher what the objective of the session will be. However, in this session, despite having completed the main activity of the session, it was still very tough to identify what the objective of the session was. I believe that if any student from the class was asked to be completely honest as to why nobody was able to, or even attempting to identify the objective of the session, it would be because of the difficulty or requirement of high engagement demanded by the activity. 

The activity in the lesson was quite simple for a few, and for others it was almost impossible to do. For the few for whom it was quite simple, the assignment was to sit in a chair and not move until the allotted time was over. For the others for whom it was “almost impossible”, the task was to convince the individual sitting in the chair to get up. The two parts of the activity: Sitting in the chair and convincing the person to get up revealed parts of our character to one another, some of which we were already aware of. 

Those who were able to remain seated for the allotted time showed resilience and determination that displayed personal capabilities that even the individuals seated themselves did not know that they possessed. However, those who were attempting to coerce the individual seated, to get up, were placed into four different categories depending on their method of coercion. These were:

  • Passive aggressive 
  • Assertive 
  • Aggressive
  • Passive 

A large portion of the class was assertive as they believed that this would be the best way to convince the other person to do what they wanted because of the way this method did not allow any doubt to be displayed. Those who were able to resist this assertion were able to do so through the simple act of keeping their goal in mind in an attempt to omit the presence of the assertion through their own assertive behavior. 

This activity acted as a brilliant metaphor to showcase to us, as students, how simple it can be, to resist the assertion of day-to-day distractions, through personal acts of assertion starting from keeping our goals in mind as our largest priority. 

Kashyapi Rath, DP1

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