/On Teacher’s Day Assembly 

On Teacher’s Day Assembly 

Teachers Day is a day of utmost significance and importance to a student. Teachers Day allows us, the learners, to celebrate those who empower us the most, encourage us to strive for excellence and make us who we are. Every year the Pathways community celebrates this day with the profound delight and enthusiasm. Likewise, this year the DP1 and DP2 students went all out to showcase our love for our teachers. 

The event began with a welcoming of all the teachers in DP space. The sheer excitement and spirit was evident on the faces of all the students as the people they looked up to- their mentors, walked down the steps of the atrium to take their seats. As the teachers approached their seats, students covered the air with beautiful multicoloured confetti, creating a colourful atmosphere both literally and metaphorically. As the confetti settled along with our teachers, the hosts began welcoming the teachers. This was followed by the introduction of the first performances of the day-dances by the DP1 students. Vanya Thapar and Myra Ghai began the event with substantial energy and their performance was marked with beautiful and graceful movements. As Myra left the stage, Vanya was then joined by Aaniya Jain as the song changed creating a symphony. Their energetic performance made us marvel at their art. As the duo performances came to an end, the teachers and the students clapped and cheered for their heartwarming gesture of love. Their performance was truly memorable and unforgettable. 

The enthralling dances were followed by skits presented by the DP2 students. As they showcased humourous displays of our beloved teachers, the entire building was filled with laughter and joy. Every face was filled with uncontrollable giggles along with the DP2 students who looked lovely in their Indian attire. The skit was an unforgettable moment with unforgettable performances that we will cherish for a lifetime. The skits were followed by passing on mementos to the teachers. These were badges containing a clever and amusing hashtag which read something they thought represented our teachers best. The entire building was once again filled with chuckles as the hashtag on the badges was read out, and our teachers approached the stage to accept them. Between giving the mementos, the DP2 students prepared a Kahoot as a short break. As everyone logged in, we learned the Kahoot was a fun game of “Who’s most likely to?” about our teachers! The game was engaging and Adit Sehegal of DP1 won the rounds ! As the passing out of the mementos came to an end, we assumed so was the event. But, this was not the case!

The DP2 students put forth more delightful dance performances. The performances were enthralling and riveting, with all the students putting their absolute energy into them. We were surprised by Ram sir also making a cameo during one of the performances! During the last dance, as the event came to an end, the music was turned up and not down. The teachers were called upon the stage and encouraged to dance along with the students. The building was filled with euphoric joy shared by all. It was a remarkable day, and we especially hope our teachers enjoyed it!

Happy teachers day!

Noami Kaushik, DP 1