/How does Collaboration and Dignity look like on a Cricket Ground

How does Collaboration and Dignity look like on a Cricket Ground

It was once quoted rightly by Don Shirley, “You never win with violence. You only win when you maintain your dignity. Dignity always prevails.”

Last Sunday, I witnessed the India and Pakistan, Asia Cup cricket match in Dubai. Everyone was proudly present to support the players and represent their nation. The stadium had reached its full capacity. The cheers of the crowd could not have been louder, excitement was in the air. The exhilarated audience had either made a poster, dressed up in the colour of their nation, bought boundary score cards or a flag. The aura of the stadium was totally different in the 2nd innings than from the 1st. The audience had nail – biting, upsetting and happy moments but we got through them over by over. 

Knowing the history within the two countries, we all know that they are only allowed to play on neutral grounds. Even though the countries have disagreements, on the ground, the players and the audience showed sportsmanship and maintained dignity among one another. There had been an instance where a batsman’s shoulder from the Pakistan team hit against an Indian bowler. Even though it was a match of revenge on the same ground and the rivalry was at the highest level, it did not stop the two players to pat each other and show sportsmanship. It clearly depicted good sportsmanship; the players treated the rival team with respect.

In the game of cricket, it isn’t about what happens on those 22 yards alone, but how you play between the two wickets also counts. There were numerous instances where the players were covering for each other, not letting a chance to let the batting team win an extra run. The positive player relationship, solid teamwork and collaboration was evident amongst the Indian players which led to their success.

To conclude, neither of the countries would be able to win the war but, one of them can definitely win a cricket match if they play with dignity and collaborate with each other. 

Sanaa Mittal, DP 1E