/Inter-house Entrepreneurial Challenge

Inter-house Entrepreneurial Challenge

The first ever inter-house Entrepreneurial challenge was held on the 7th of September in the Panini Auditorium. This was the final round of the challenge, post the preliminary round where out of which only 4 teams were selected, 1 from each house: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Four judges consisting of the Senior Leadership Team were invited to give the contestants feedback on their products.

The task for all teams was to create a product, and its prototype and advertise it based on a scenario, which was “The honourable Prime Minister of India has imposed a complete ban on plastic in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry after a breakthrough in material technology to counter plastic”. The final round began with a presentation from Earth House which created their own protein cookie brand called Choco Tein, which was a part of the brand Britannia’.

This act was then followed by the Fire house who represented Hindustan Unilever Limited, and created packet versions of surf excel to make laundry easier for bachelors and college students.

Up next, there was a tremendous solo-drum performance from Nandini Sarin of DP2 as she lit the stage on fire with her amazing skills and quick hand movement.

The event then moved towards the presentation of Air House, who were the representatives of Amul and came up with the concept of selling packeted tea, which could be made in a minute.  

The final house to come up on the stage was the Water house, where they tried to revive the company Milo in India which is a part of Nestle. They came up with new flavours for a chocolate milkshake.

The competition was concluded by some thrilling music from Lavina Aggarwal of DP2!

The results were announced the next day in which Air House was declared the winner with Fire House as the Runner up!