/On Business Management Class Project about Joint Stock Ventures

On Business Management Class Project about Joint Stock Ventures

I stand with an unshakeable belief in the power of Pizza. Pneumonic Devices are also pretty cool. I like to learn with devices. These are not necessarily complex technological products with advanced features, but pneumonic devices simple to understand and remember. It is very easy for me to learn abstract or complex topics when I equate them to something that I am familiar with. I grasped the topic of Trigonometry, for example, simply by remembering that SOH CAH TOA (the abbreviation of the trigonometric functions and their symbolism) sounds like Ahsoka Tano, a beloved Star Wars character. These pneumonic devices make learning fun and easy for me.

Now I am in DP, and things have never been this complex or advanced before. Even though I find the Business Management classes extremely fun, some of the topics covered are difficult for me to comprehend purely based on their complex and archaic definitions. And so, when my group was assigned a research and presentation project on Joint Stock Ventures, I was, to quote Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant, ‘Dazed and Confused.’ But in actuality, the concept was really quite simple once I found the pneumonic device for it. One of the most universally loved food items in the world, something so simple, yet so joyful- it’s pizza. I love pizzas, and I found that a Joint Stock Venture is really just a hypothetical pizza party around a pizza of enormous proportions. Everybody at that party can take a slice of the pizza, but some people have a bigger slice than others. I loved this metaphor because of its simplicity, and also because it triggered a Eureka moment for the presentation. I proposed to the group to centre our presentation around this visual metaphor of many people taking slices from a giant pizza. Not only did the group like it, but our mentor did too. He praised it to the class, and that was a great feeling.

 It is for the greater interest of the class that we LEARN joint stock ventures through a delicious meal and a social gathering. So, when I raise my plate with the Pizza Slice, I will toast to Business Management, to engaging and playful learning, and most importantly, to pizza. Because Pizza is amazing.

Aahan Sinha, DP1