/Padmashree Shrimati Bhuri Bai’s visit to the School

Padmashree Shrimati Bhuri Bai’s visit to the School

The Primary School enlivened the sense of international mindedness through its weeklong celebration of ‘International Day of the World’s Indigenous People’. As an integral part of marking the event, Pathways hosted Padmashree Shrimati Bhuri Bai, who is known for her contributions to the tribal art -” Bhil.” A native of the Jhabua district, Madhya Pradesh, she is currently associated with the Tribal Museum of Bhopal. During the interaction with Shrimati Bhuri, students learned how to paint stories and legends through the depiction of people, flora and fauna, deities, and festivals. Students gained a perspective of art appreciation. and it indeed was an enriching insight into cultural diversities.