/Unpacking DP and CP’s Language and Literature program

Unpacking DP and CP’s Language and Literature program

The shift from the middle years program to the diploma and course program proved to be a big change for all the students, both old and new to IB. We had to unlearn and develop the techniques and skills we have developed in MYP, and relearn them in a completely new manner.

Thankfully, our teachers have been gracious in helping us ease into this newer course and help us through the process. Taking an example of our Language and literature class, we started by breaking the ice between one another as well as discussing the changes between MYP and DP. Through a joint conversation, we unpacked the DP journey and what all components would be embedded in our future classes and assessments.  

The three areas of exploration we explored are readers, writers and texts, time and space, and intertextuality. We dug deeper into their meanings and how we would be able to relate them to the various text types that we would be going over in our DP and CP journey. We learnt that building connections and exploring texts went much beyond than their face value. Looking at perspectives of the reader, the author, and their identities well. All these factors help come in play when analyzing and breaking a text down.

Next, we moved onto the 7 different concepts covered in language and literature and how they stem from the various global issues that we would be discussing in our classes. The concepts include Identity, culture, creativity, communication, perspective, transformation, and representation.

Further, we learnt about the learner’s portfolio that would show our learnings and reflections over the two years with a compilation of tasks from critical analysis to the feedback that we receive, as well as the notes we take in our classes. The difference between higher level and standard level was also introduced to us – while standard level is expected to write 2 papers in the final assessments along with the IA covering analysis and an essay based on works studied in the course, higher level students have the added responsibility of putting together an essay ranging from 1200-1500 words long.

This entire class was an insight into our future DP journey and helped us in transitioning to an entirely new program. It an exciting start to a new journey, and I hope we will uncover more about our subject in the upcoming years.

Maira Ahuja

DP 1-D

The status of English Language and Literature – a view from HE - Theo  Maniski