/Pause for Paws

Pause for Paws

We are almost nearing one year of CORE or Conservation Of Resources & Environment and from this academic year, it is now a monthly column. The animal rescue teams all throughout Gurgaon/Delhi and the rest of the country work tirelessly to ensure the well-being and safety of our furry friends. I wish to use the platform of CORE to circulate various posters about animal-welfare awareness, which I feel are extremely important to share with everyone since these are small things which can save many animal lives.

No matter what the weather is, be it extremely hot or pouring cats and dogs, strays seek shelter under our cars, and if we just take one look below our cars, before starting them, we can genuinely save many innocent animals’ lives.

Speeding cars can not only be dangerous for our lives, but also kill hundreds of animals. These posters are extremely effective, and have the ability to convince people that their actions can cause dangerous consequences to harmless animals.

On an extremely hot or sunny day, we might think leaving our pets in the car for a short duration while we run errands won’t harm them, but even a very small duration jeopardises their health. Our pets are our family, and taking care of them is our first responsibility.

Even if we take care of our pets, there are thousands of stray animals out there who don’t know where to go if they are hungry. Since animals can’t ask for food, let’s do our part by feeding them.

Animals too have feelings and families, that matter as much as those of humans. We can’t just kill or illtreat them for our pleasure. We need to see ourselves in their shoes and be fair to them.

So, LETS BE KIND TO ANIMALS because they make our planet worth living.

Written By Anaiya Giare (MYP 3A)