/On Revisiting Learner Profiles

On Revisiting Learner Profiles

When I was asked to write a reflection on this session, I realized there may be more than what was on the surface. Learner profile attributes are traits that the IB curriculum strives to inculcate in us to enable learning as a sustainable and constant practice. It describes a broad range of human capabilities and responsibilities that go beyond the teachings in our classroom. The session endeavoured ways to reiterate the same.

It began with our TOK teachers dividing us into groups and assigning us with two quotes. My team got assigned a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt and Albert Einstein. We were to assign two learner profile attributes and justify why so. Regarding the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, we assigned open-minded and risk takers. This is because one must be open-minded to achieve great things in life, and ensure that door is open and that it is attainable. Risk taker was to ensure the leap of faith is being taken, and that you are courageous enough to strive for your goals.

Concerning the Albert Einstein quote, we allocated reflective and principled. To ensure a long and happy journey, one must not only be willing to work on their past mistakes to move forward, but also have determination to complete the expedition.

We went around the different groups and heard their allocations as well. Post this, we were to point out differences and similarities our own school’s vision and mission compared to the IB’s vision and mission. We came up with international mindedness and collaborative learning as a similarity, however as a difference we learned that IB focuses on paying due respect and understanding, however our school builds students according to their responsibility and balance.

The entire session was much needed, to orient our heads back to where they are meant to be after our 2-month summer break. It was done in a creative and interesting manner.

 Tanshie Singhal