/On Dignity and a Collaborative School Culture: Learning to Learn

On Dignity and a Collaborative School Culture: Learning to Learn

School is back again, and the first week was just as fun and fresh as it was last year. One of the staples of a Pathways Back to School week are the Learning to Learn sessions, and this week was no exception. Covering everything from the IB Learner Profiles and the ATL Skills to the Theme of the Year, which is – as I’m sure you all know – “Dignity and Collaborative School Culture.”

Our session on the ToY was a very interesting process, and one that I wasn’t familiar with prior to the event.. During the session, we would delve deeper into the specific terminology in the theme, analyze what the theme meant in a practical sense, as well as why it was important in the context of a school organization. We worked in groups to try and decode ‘dignity’ and ‘collaboration.’ With lots of discussions that included varied perspectives from many people and a lot of deeper level interaction based on our responses, the teachers and students worked to create an engaging and interesting environment for what could easily have been a rather dull session.

In all, I think that the session truly helped me understand the purpose of the theme, as well as its implication and the way it could be applied to our daily lives. After all, it is only important to know how we could ensure dignity during our interpersonal interactions and involve collaboration into our lessons to inculcate a healthy school spirit

Aryaveer Singh