/It Makes Sense Organically!

It Makes Sense Organically!

Being a Chemistry HL student came across as a fairly gargantuan undertaking especially once one came to terms with the fact that the HL students have to study almost twice the syllabus as compared to SL students! The length of the course is indeed overwhelming and formidable! However, owing to meaningful learning transactions, I was enthusiastically engaged

For instance, Ms. Anuja tasked us with a group project, the expectation being to answer certain questions about different subtopics of Unit 10.  My group had to answer the question: “What is Organic Chemistry?” This question helped us to understand why this form of chemistry is its own independent branch. We learnt that carbon has certain properties that make it form more compounds than any other element like tetravalency, catenation and isomerism. Another group presented their findings to the prompt- “How is Organic Chemistry different from the other branches of Chemistry?” We explored Inorganic, Physical, and Organic Chemistry. Ms Anuja informed us that there are other forms like Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, however they are counted as subtopics of what was earlier mentioned. The final prompt, “What is the difference between Organic and Inorganic Chemistry? allowed us to solidify our understanding of the characteristics of organic and inorganic compounds.

Two lessons into the subject have been encouraging and have allowed me to feel confident of my learnings pertinent to this unit. Chemistry HL should not be as daunting as I had previously assumed it to be!

Trisha Bagri