/Book review: Girl Serpent Thorn

Book review: Girl Serpent Thorn

Author: By Melissa Bashardoust

We all desire acceptance in a variety of contexts, but even royalty sometimes struggles to get what they want. In this story the young princess Soraya, who has poison running in her veins, is seen failing to receive the acceptance she craves for. The story of Soraya’s incessant endeavours to eradicate the poison in order to live with her family is told in a very relatable manner. Eventually though she is succeeding in her endeavours, yet as a result it endangers the lives of her family. It is a good read for children of ages 11 to 15 who enjoy reading novels containing bravery, tragedy, betrayal and adventure woven into a terrific read. As a side note, to thoroughly enjoy the book, I suggest you read it with a hot cup of coffee.

Written By Divyashi Singh (MYP 3B)