/Back with the House Spirit!

Back with the House Spirit!

With the arrival of the new academic year, the members of the council were extremely enthusiastic about bringing back in-person inter-house events for the first time in two years. With fresh, new faces lighting up at the sound of reopening interhouse sports events such as badminton, football and basketball, there was a pulsatiang energy in the room. The meeting began with gusto when house captains introduced themselves and the goals that they had for this upcoming academic session. The main focus was on inter-house events, it be ones pertaining to sports, academics, or the performing arts.

To elaborate further, house captains began the process of forming teams from DP1 and 2 by making a list of those who voluntarily offered to participate. In addition, captains presented the procedure of how events would take place in the near future – one of the things this would involve is trials being conducted differently for each sport. For Badminton, they would be assessed based on point play and technique, football would be assessed based on shooting, passing, and dribbling tests; and lastly, basketball would be assessed on shooting, passing, dribbling, and running tests. Furthermore, the structure of the events was planned to precision by the DP 2 sports team. The purpose of the interhouse events is to bring out solidarity and sportsmanship amongst DP students. These will help develop skills such as collaboration, communication, and – most importantly – help them to participate with dignity, which pays homage to the theme of this academic year. Fostering these skills will thus allow the students to navigate their way through life.

To conclude, the meeting ended on a high note of positivity and the ignition of house spirit, which would ultimately bring out strong, independent personalities who can hold their own and honour the vision and mission of Pathways.

Rayna Gogoi

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