/An Orientation into the Sense and Sensibility of DP

An Orientation into the Sense and Sensibility of DP

The beginning of this academic session has been long awaited by all the students of the current DP1 and CP 1 batch. Throughout our time in MYP5, we had several orientations about the Diploma Programme. However, these orientations were conducted within the bounds of an online space. Now that we are finally within school halls, the experience seems to be more vivid and enlightening.

The past week has been a graceful transition into the senior school space, all of which started with the Learning-to-Learn sessions that were orchestrated by the senior school faculty. These sessions comprised of orientations discussing essential baselines and mapwork of the upcoming two years.

On the first day, we had three sessions. The first session was an introduction to the theme of the year: “Dignity and Collaboration” which then, with the assistance of our teachers and the budding curiosity of the students was heavily practiced, all striving to gain an insight onto how we shall apply this theme through our DP journey. The other two sessions were on Research and IB ATL Skills, these two sessions were a much-needed refresher on the skills that we had acquired in MYP.

The next day was a continuation of our small Learning-to-Learn sessions, where we were introduced to our college advisory team, who also informed about the academic integrity expectations that the two programmes hold.

Later in the day was where we had our session on the Vision and Mission and the IB Learner Profile Attributes. This session, in my opinion, was the most engaging and enlightening one till now. The session consisted of two activities in which we worked in groups. The first activity was where we were given quotes by famous individuals. My group was assigned two quotes by John Lennon and Mae West. The task was to allocate two IB Learner Profiles to the quotes. Through this task, we realised that the learner profiles that we have been chanting throughout our time in the IB, are not as limited as we thought they were.

The learner profiles are not just applicable to IB students but have been practiced across the globe and throughout history. And as IB students, it is our responsibility to keep these practices alive to ensure we leave our respective programmes as individuals aiming to create a better and peaceful world.

Personally, the first two days in the senior school space were beyond what we expected. The way the Diploma Programme space welcomed us, has been very reassuring as a student. There was immense learning about the programme, which will surely help us throughout our journey.

Kashyapi Rath

DP 1