/The Big Picture Activity

The Big Picture Activity

Our first PULSE class of the year really did start with a bang. It was an extremely fun class, since we didn’t know where the activity we were doing was leading us, though at the end, when we completed the task given to us, we understood the true meaning behind it. We started the class by introducing ourselves to our teacher, Ms. Megha, and though many of us know her from the previous years, it is a ritual we love doing at the beginning of every year. As the first part of the activity, we did in class today, we were given small cards, with an image on it, and were asked to replicate the drawing onto an A-4 sheet. We were given limited time to do this, so we had to make sure it was like the placard given to us, but also done on time. When we finished, our drawings weren’t perfect, but they gave a general idea, and resembled the initial images given to us. Then, ma’am told us that these small placards were all a part of a big picture, which she then projected onto the board. The second part of our activity was to arrange our drawings to form the bigger picture shown to us. This was slightly challenging, given that all our drawings were in different scales and orientations, but we were able to form the scene. Even though the image made with all our artworks wasn’t perfect, it taught us that all of us have a different identity, but together, it makes a class that’s even more beautiful and meaningful. It helped us reflect on the school theme for the year (Dignity and Collaborative school culture) as well. It was an extremely insightful class, which was great fun too.

Written By Anaiya Giare (MYP 3A)