/Learning to Learn Week

Learning to Learn Week

The much awaited day marked the arrival of the students into the school campus amidst cheers and enthusiasm.

The commencement of the Learning to Learn week witnesses the students experience a smooth transition from their previous classrooms to their new ones. The week long engagements witnessed Meet and Greet – from old to new,  grade specific ice breaking activities, unfurling of the Mission and the Vision and the eminence of being a Pathways Panther wherein students made connections with the role model though the mindsets and competencies portrayed by the Panther.

Mindful activities brought in Social emotional well being and so did the buddy program, collaborative group activities, story sessions, introduction of WIN time in Flexi lessons and various other engaging experiences. A tour of the school including the lunch hall and the specialists rooms’ helped students familiarise them with their surroundings.

With an endeavour to develop internationally minded people who, recognize their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world, student reflected on the attributes of IB Learner Profile and ATL Skills that go in tandem. Using various graphic organisers, they showcased their understanding and inclination.

As the Learning to Learn week concluded, it successfully paved the path towards well settled life long learners, as they co constructed their academic and non academic goals for the term ahead. With a growth mindset, the budding Pathwaysians inculcated responsible global citizens within them.