/IB school admissions criteria and process in India step by step

IB school admissions criteria and process in India step by step

The curriculum that an IB school offers is practical and application-based. Students of IB schools thus get the exposure that propels them into getting an established future globally. This clarity of vision in IB schools makes parents trust them with their child’s schooling. But as a parent, it is hard to know the admission process of IB schools.

To help you out, we have compiled a list of the criteria and the process of IB Schools admission in India. Have a look.

What are IB schools?

Before we proceed further, we will tell you which schools qualify under IB schools. The following are some features that mark a school as an IB school.

  • The IB schools offer an assessment pattern. This ensures that their students gain expertise in all aspects. They are prepared to face the challenges both in India and globally.
  • All IB schools also work on training the students in areas like leadership, self-confidence, analytical skills, organizational skills, and active learning.
  • Global universities find it easier to offer admissions to students coming from IB schools.
  • IB schools offer world-class facilities that are a balance of academic and extracurricular achievements. They use methodologies that provide the students with an edge over the others.
  • In an IB school, the focus is on offering creative pursuits in areas like agriculture, interior designing, architecture, machine learning, etc. Basically, an IB school has an innovative curriculum and provides a broader perspective on things.

Criteria for admission to an IB school

Before deciding which school to choose, you must determine if it fulfills your expectations. An IB school is supposed to have the following characteristics.

Do they follow the IB curriculum all the time?

Some schools may propagate that they adopt the IB curriculum. However, they might have a mixture of one or two curricula together. Firstly, find out if the school you are considering is fully compliant with an IB curriculum. A mixture of courses would not benefit the student in terms of holistic development.

What kind of community do they have?

An important factor that makes an IB school valuable is the kind of diversity they adopt. Students from all over the globe adopt this curriculum with ease. Your child gets to learn how to respect other cultures and traditions. Find out if the IB school you are looking for accepts students from other countries.

Do they work on emotional intelligence?

A school should not just work on a student’s academic growth. They should also work on teaching him how to handle stress, emotional imbalance, and self-confidence issues. In the end, the children become adept at remaining positive and focused individuals irrespective of the situation they are in. The IB school’s perspective on this matter could decide how your child’s mindset will develop there.

What values does the school focus on?

Any school has a mission statement that they follow diligently. All their decisions are also taken with regard to the fulfillment of that value. You should be aware of what value the IB school ponders on. It is possible that for you that, philosophy in life is not so important.

Admission process for IB school

By now, you must have understood what makes an IB school different from the rest. However, admission in ib schools follows a particular protocol. The following are the requirements that a student must fulfill before he applies for admission:

  • Campus Tour: You will have to undergo a full-fledged tour of the IB campus. This will give you an idea of the way the school functions. You can also check their facilities and see if they are fulfilling all international standards of teaching. Look online for the best IB schools in India with fee structures, and you will get the most suitable schools.
  • Registration process- The admission is completed only after the registration process. You are supposed to fill out the form. Along with the following documents are required:
  • Passport-sized photographs of child
  • One passport-sized photo of both the parents
  • A photocopy of the child’s birth certificate- Attested by a gazetted officer

Undergo an interaction session with the authorities. This is usually done after the form is submitted. Make sure that you discuss all aspects of the school at this point.

Post the interaction with a student; it is the time of the parents. The decision to offer admission is given only after the parent interaction.

Offer letter- The school will then provide you with their decision through email.

You can now pay the fees and finish your admission process.

The school will email the confirmation letter once it receives the payment.

Summing up

Before starting the admission process, you must search for the best ib schools in India with fees. The above information should pave the way for the creation and completion of the IB admission process. A prestigious IB school follows all the procedures and ensures that you have no grievances.