/When PSG Exhibited its CAS

When PSG Exhibited its CAS

As we all know CAS is one of the fundamental subjects in the Diploma Program, consisting of Creativity, Activity and Service. Through these three strands we are given the opportunity to strengthen and extend our personal and interpersonal skills.

This week DP1 students put up a CAS exhibition to showcase their CAS journey, experiences, learning outcomes and reflections. During this, students shared evidence of CAS project and cover all the stages of service learning – Implementation, Planning, Action, Reflection, Demonstration in order to help portray their CAS journey. Many of these experiences included various activities that were done across school. I personally was also involved in many of these activities, and this was a large part of my CAS exhibition.

To begin with, when it comes to Creativity, we have had events to portray our performances for instance Pathways Has Stars and the informal/formal graduation. While some of us helped in compiling performances, others decided on the food menu, the budget was decided, and the décor team brought alive the venue. We all played a role in giving the outgoing batch a memorable informal graduation. This was an experience that helped us adapt to working and having fun at the same time.

Adding on, when it comes to activity, the cross country finally happened in March 2022 after the long wait due to the pandemic. From the very beginning, the race showcased the commitment of the students as even after an extensive run of 5km, no one seemed to have quit, which is what makes such sporting events pleasing to watch. It has benefitted most of us by upholding our spirit, and interest in the field.

And finally, Service, the aspect that builds our community stronger. Pehel is an initiative started by the batch of 2016 and ever since then, it has been continuing with the same passion and enthusiasm for providing support staff with knowledge and skills which could help them in their daily life. Starting with English, it has taken a leap and currently runs four modules which include English, Technology, EcoGrin and Finance. Over these 6 years, Pehel has not only been a learning for the support staff but has also taught the student volunteers to become responsible and engaging.

To sum up, CAS is an opportunity that helps us embrace new challenges, develop strategies and learn through every experience, and the exhibition was a great way for the students to share their CAS learning and experiences with other students, parents and teachers. As the School Director, Capt. Rohit Sen Bajaj, put it unequivocally, “CAS is the beating heart of the DP!”