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Robotics Competition

Recently, I went to Illinois, Chicago with 6 members of my team to participate in the FRC Midwest Regional Competition. FRC stands for ‘FIRST Robotics Competition’, a competition aimed at encouraging STEM across the globe in the form of Robotics. The FRC is one of the most widely recognized and competitive Robotics competitions at an international scale.

The teams that participated in the competition had to create a robot that scored balls into a hub, somewhat like basketball with robots. While that sounds simple there were many challenges along the way.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, it was extremely hard to get parts shipped from the US in time, delaying our overall completion of the Robot. Not only that, the Robot had to be completely disassembled before it could be flown to Chicago, meaning that the team had to reassemble the entire robot in just 2 days. While it was an extremely daunting experience, with a lot of hard work and perseverance, the Robot was able to compete in the competition.

On both days of the competition, our team represented India as the only team from the country, as well as had the privilege of singing the national anthem of India in front of the audience and other participants of the competition.

After a competition that spanned 2 days, our team was awarded the Rookie All-Star award, which was attributed to the overall best 1st-time team at the competition. Our team not only won the award, but also qualified for the FIRST Worldwide Championship to be held in Houston, Texas.

However, we are unable to participate due to the short notice and unavailability of other team members.

All in all, though, this was a great experience that did not only taught me a lot about robotics, but also about teamwork, leadership, and collaboration. I am very happy with the recognition that my team got at the FRC Midwest Regional and the learnings I could bring back with me.

Written by Arush Nath (MYP 3A)