/PYP Art Exhibition

PYP Art Exhibition

Art is one of the universal languages that all human beings understand and use to communicate.

Visual Arts Department was delighted to present this year’s Primary School Art Exhibition. The exhibition aims to display and acknowledge primary school students’ accomplishment in visual arts and enable students to learn from each other. The main objective of this exhibition was to showcase each students’ expression of their creativity. It was fantastic to see parents, students and teachers come out to the special event. Diverse themes, vibrant colors, and well-composed artworks defined our PYP students as enthusiastic learners. All the artworks were displayed in a very innovative manner.

With the ability to represent a wide range of concepts and art skills, from clay masks to artist study, canvas painting to tie and dye and many more, their works this year reflected their creative thinking processes and the inspirations they have been exposed to throughout the year. As a CAS initiative, students’ artworks were put up on sale which was appreciated by all the visitors.