/Mitosis Dance Reflection

Mitosis Dance Reflection

During our final unit in science class, we learned about DNA, genetics, and more. One of the key topics that we learned about was Mitosis, which is a cell division process. To understand this topic, we did multiple activities, like using online sources and doing the hand jive. The hand jive included some hand movements so that we would be able to recall the different phases of mitosis. This was one of the most exciting elements of learning the concepts in unit 4, and when we found out that we would be dancing to show the phases of mitosis, our excitement levels went through the roof!

We were allotted different colours to show different parts of a cell. These roles included the chromosomes, the nuclear envelope, fibers, and the cell membrane. We were ready with our colourful t-shirts on the day of the dance. When it was finally our turn (7D, E, & F), we faced a little challenge, as that day led to online school, but we eventually got to complete our dance a few weeks later.

In the science class on the day of the dance, we changed into our colourful t-shirts and practiced for a little while. Our science teacher guided us and ensured that we were all on the same page. We faced a few ups and downs to ensure that everyone was in sync for this engaging activity, but eventually, we managed to work as a team and meet the expectations of the dance! The excitement levels were high, and we were ready to learn and have fun!

At last, we viewed the other sections’ dances in the field and cheered for our friends. It was a wonderful sight to see the other sections work differently, but still come out with a beautiful dance together! The variety made the dances interesting to watch! We were all smiling, and we danced our hearts out to the song while having fun together! We certainly bonded as a class with our teacher by working as a team!

Needless to say, the engaging activity certainly got us on our toes and helped us bond together!

We are near the end of 7th grade, and this activity was a wonderful way to connect with everyone before we head off into the next grade.

Dance keeps us on our feet, and involving a science concept with it helped us learn and have fun! I am sure that we have all recalled the phases of Mitosis with this enriching activity! Thank you to our teachers for making this incredible activity happen.

Written by Saesha Sanjay Chanana (MYP 2E)