/Mega Spell Bee and Math Bee

Mega Spell Bee and Math Bee

PYP 3 conducted Mega Spell Bee and Math Bee in the respective classes. The intra class Mega Spell Bee and Math Bee both saw enthusiastic participation by the students in the Individual and the Group Round. An enriching experience to enhance their vocabulary and overall language skills, the Mega Spell Bee provided an opportunity for the students to revisit the spellings and usage of the concepts covered during the term, while self-evaluating their performance. The students enhanced their thinking and social skills as it involved working collaboratively in the Group round and emerge as spelling wizards. Math Bee witnessed the students challenging themselves through unstructured problem solving, being cognitive, enhancing their self – management skills while attempting Mental math problems and doing crossword and the Tangram activity. Overall, it was an enjoyable learning experience for the students.