/Guest Speaker Reflection

Guest Speaker Reflection

Enrichment Cluster – Creating a small business plan

On 2nd May, students of the Enrichment Cluster making a business model had a guest speaker session with Mrs. Amrita Nagpal and Mrs. Pallavi Malik. They are the reputed and esteemed founders of a small business kwown as “The Brand Concierge”.

In this interactive guest speaker session, students received the opportunity to ask questions and learn about the essentials of creating a business and the important steps. The guest speakers told them about their business which was based around social media and promoting clothing, people and other businesses. Some questions asked were:

  • How did you start your business and what was the biggest challenge you faced?
  • What must be part of the business model to ensure success?
  • What is the role of client feedback in a successful product?
  • What marketing techniques can help earn profit?
  • Should a product be audience-specific or culture-specific?
  • What parameters must be kept in mind when creating a prototype of the model?
  • Where should the initial investment for a business come from?

They answered the questions with much clarity, experience and advice. This helped them formulate the procedure of making the model, and anticipate any upcoming obstacles to be prepared for. The key learnings from this guest speaker session were about how to persuade people to join your business and how to successfully execute your plan.

Written by Arhaan Singh Anand (MYP 1B)