/Doctors Session

Doctors Session

Students of PYP 5 got an opportunity to interact with experts from the medical field who helped them make real life connections and augment their understanding of physical changes during adolescence under the Transdisciplinary Theme – Who We Are. Students were tuned into the physical changes and development during this stage by PSG Medical Officer Dr. Prerna Shant who spoke with them regarding the growth patterns and hormones responsible for the same. They also understood the importance of maintaining hygiene and healthy eating habits. the glands responsible for growth. Dr. Vijay Kapoor and Dr. Aruna Kalra who are senior medical experts imparted education to the students about the gender specific changes that occurs during puberty, neurodevelopment changes during adolescence and suggested ways to create their well-being toolkit to adapt to the changes that comes with adolescence. Indeed a very informative and fruitful session for our young learners.