/Culminating our TOK Exhibition Assessment

Culminating our TOK Exhibition Assessment

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) Exhibition – the long awaited, the carefully pondered about and the surprisingly insightful event had finally progressed from our monthly calendars to right outside our doorstep. Not only did our TOK teachers do a great job in not letting us forget the date, 17th May, but they also organized a handful of workshops to prepare us for it.

The first of the lot was our TOK essay workshop. This session entailed interaction methods with Ms Vandana, and we covered the rubric with the help of some past essays. She even walked us through marking an essay, as she is an IB TOK examiner. The first session was concluded with a reflection of the session. Reading through them itself, I can gauge it a successful and helpful event.

The following Monday hosted another TOK session regarding the exhibition. It begun with an activity fun filled session on effective verbal communication and ended in our class groups to prepare the presentation for the event.

Tuesday following that, was definitely one of the most prepared events our batch has walked into. Like Trisha Bagri from DP1 says, “Preparation is surely the key to my TOK exhibition.”

The day of the exhibition was obviously the biggest of all the preparatory ones we had earlier. One of the major agendas on all of our minds that last day was to get our presentation boards done! That was the root for all our stress: Is there enough chart paper? Does the stationary shop have green markers? How will I print my presentation out? Despite all these confusions, they faded away as we presented our work to our assigned MYP 4 students and members of the TOK faculty. Thankfully, the people who were assigned to me, I have already been friendly with, hence the worry regarding my jitters was not a problem. The feedback sheets were a huge hit, as I received extensive observations (criticism and praise).

Written by Suhani Pasricha DP1