/CIS Global Citizenship – Student Panel

CIS Global Citizenship – Student Panel

Greetings to the esteemed panel!

I am Paavni Mehrotra and I am truly privileged to be the voice of the student community of Pathways School Gurgaon and share the exemplary prospects that the school has provided to us students to emerge as benevolent global citizens.

Pathways School Gurgaon believes problem-solving, communication, collaboration, cross-cultural awareness, adaptability and sympathy are the predominant morals of a global citizen. As stated in our school vision, we aim to raise thinking compassionate world citizens who are committed to living with responsibility. Through community service projects with an aim of improving the welfare of underprivileged children, such as Baal Uddhar and Pehel, the school helps us imbibe universal values of empathy. By introducing the Passion Project, Enrichment Clusters and the Expressions 2.0 School Magazine, we are able to provide various platforms for plurality of perspectives to the student community. Student-led initiatives like the Locked Heads Debate Competition and Junior Model United Nations have made it permissible for us to carry out student autonomy and agency. To foster international mindedness, the school has developed and regularly reviewed policies like the Pathways Non-Discrimination Statement and Pathways Inclusion Policy. We regularly celebrate national and international days with pride.

By giving students a chance to choose a third language and embracing multilingualism, openness and respect in the face of diversity are promoted. Through Language Profile Day and Founder’s Day centered around local epics like the Mahabharata, the school fosters host-country language and tradition. As a bilingual and multilingual program, the MYP and DP space permit students to become fluent in languages of their choice.

Furthermore, Ek Pehchaan, translating to “An Identity”, is an inter-school competition organized for talents in the performing arts, visual arts and technological field to be displayed. Not only does this celebrate the individuality of each student, but the uniqueness of creation becomes an element to be acknowledged. Robongiers and other STREAM-related avenues are a platform for students to act impromptu and apply their creativity, which is important in today’s world based on innovation.

Accepting responsibility for one’s actions is integral in balancing a strong work ethos with a sense of play. By participating in inter-school tournaments, holding events such as an Annual Athletic Meet and Cross Country, and even integrating PHE in our timetables, the school upholds the presence of extracurricular activities in holistic development. Moreover, a democratic election process for the Student Council has proven to be an appropriate method to recognize learner talent and potential. By giving students and teachers the choice to vote, fair-decision making is endorsed in the best interest of the school community. Self-discipline has been instilled by using self-nomination, peer-nomination and teacher-nomination in the process of selection.

In addition, inculcating the SDGs in the curriculum helps establish a sense of togetherness. PYP, MYP and DP eagerly follow the Design-Thinking Cycle, which allows them to define, ideate, protype, test and empathize with their objectives. This inquiry is a medium for them to take ownership of their learning and accounts for the skills they wish to acquire in a rapidly changing world.

Along similar lines, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and deal with obstacles is irreplaceable. Global citizens must be able to acclimatize themselves to unversed situations, as seen by Pathwaysians when learning altered between online, offline and hybrid mode. The creation of Wizemen Assess by the school’s IT department was effective for students to maintain academic integrity and imbibe the quality of honesty and digital citizenship. With students of Grade 11 and 12 being given the opportunity to opt for the Career Program after DP, the school provokes them to be progressive in nature. Open-mindedness and flexibility are honed with the exercising of the Learning Statement, which is to “Learn, Share, Un-Learn, Collaborate and Re-Learn” under familiar and unfamiliar circumstances. The same can be observed in the level-based marking scheme for summative assessments, which are determined by the caliber of a student to meet the success criteria.

Questions of the day, Wonder walls, actions from the PYPX and inquiries in the Personal Project are ways in which Pathways stimulates curiosity beyond classroom transactions. With avenues like Student Led Conferences and SMART Goal Setting, learners are given opportunities to reflect on their performances and improve from mistakes. As an essential aptitude of a global citizen, Pathways has staff who is 100% qualified for Social-Emotional-Ethical Learning. These mentors act as guides during the Pathways Universal Life Skills Education, or PULSE, sessions. As a regular and comprehensive program, it has been initiated for students to display the attributes of a global citizen and obtain independence in thought process.

Preserving the environment is not only a practice executed in our school, but is evident as we hold the title of the LEED platinum school. These are further taken forward in the student-led actions, like plantation drives and advocacy for carpooling in the school’s parking area.

Speaking of student-led, Pathways has developed an Anti-Bullying Squad who indulges in shaping an atmosphere filled with a sense of bonhomie. Regular conversations on prevalent issues like the Taliban Crisis and the Black Lives Matter Movement increases general awareness, as well as propagates the characteristic to be able to look past geographical boundaries for harmony.

In a safe and tranquil environment, the school has been the torch bearer of developing life skills and competencies to display the attributes of a global citizen. Living up to the motto of being nurtured to Learn, Work, Play, Think and Live with the competencies of a global citizen is what we have been doing since our formative years. As they say, citizenship is the chance to make a difference to the place where you belong. Thanks to Pathways, we are able to grasp this chance and make an impact with a rightful purpose.

Thank you so much!

Written by Paavni Mehrotra (MYP 4E)