/An Opportunity to Discuss our EE Journeys

An Opportunity to Discuss our EE Journeys

The extended essay is an integral component of our DP curriculum and makes up one part of the DP core. As we all know, it’s an academic-style research paper on a topic in one of the available IB subjects. While the task of writing a 4000 words essay is daunting, the process aims for us to hone a range of core skills and attributes.

On the 18th, 19th, and 20th May, the students of DP-1 put up a core exhibition, and one part of this was the extended essay. For this exhibition, we displayed all of the work that we have done in the subject till date.

We set out on this journey a couple of months back and have accomplished two crucial milestones, finalized the research question, and completed the first reflection. With the ideation of different topics, the multiple back and forth with the mentors, and the countless rejected research proposals; I think I speak on behalf of all of us, that the experience so far has not been the easiest, but for sure enriching.

The exhibition allowed us to display this work, while also receiving constructive feedback from the audience. This experience was truly enriching, and made us realize that we have only completed a small part of a long journey that awaits us. We will possibly hit some dead ends, some crossroads, but I’m confident that, with the guidance of our mentors and the support of our peers, we will be able to navigate through these ups and downs and successfully complete our Extended Essay.

Priyansh Gupta, DP1