/A Deep Dive into the Theory of Knowledge – TOK Workshops Reflection

A Deep Dive into the Theory of Knowledge – TOK Workshops Reflection

Over the last few days, students of DP-1 have had multiple workshops that revolved around the Theory of Knowledge – one for the TOK exhibition and the other for the TOK essay. The former covered the aspects of our TOK commentary that we needed to display during the core exhibition, as well as the content for our pitch, while we presented our work to the audience. The latter was an orientation session for the upcoming TOK essay, which is the next part of our journey in the subject, and the most important one as it has a heavier weightage.

Both workshops gave us an insight into the theory of knowledge and showed us how the subject manifests in the real world. As the workshops were primarily interactive, we got an insight into the mindset and second order thinking of the other students around us, as we got to hear/read about their work. This allowed us to make connections between certain prompts and objects that we may not have made earlier, hence expanding our understanding of knowledge. Furthermore, we got the opportunity to read exemplars of high-rated essays that were written by our seniors, which gave us a great understanding of the structure, marking, and criteria of a TOK essay, hence giving us a grasp on what exactly we need to do.

The workshops were made exciting through the range of groups activities that we had to do, as we got to work alongside our friends, and allowed us to exit the monotony of regular lessons. This helped us explore TOK from a different angle, which in my perspective was interesting, informative, and highly beneficial for all the students.

Written by Priyansh Gupta, DP-1