/PYP Graduation Day and Award Ceremony

PYP Graduation Day and Award Ceremony

Thursday, May 19th, 2022, marked the milestone for the graduating PYP Class of 2022 through a grand felicitation and Awards Ceremony.

The event came as a breath of fresh air after the two-year hiatus enforced by the pandemic. Students were honoured with awards recognizing their consistent achievements in academic areas. This year, Service Awards were presented to students for making a difference to the world around them through meaningful action. The unique dispositions developed and displayed through the year by the students were acknowledged through the Learner Profile recognition.

The school also acknowledged the students who have been in Pathways for five or more years. Renditions of a song based on ragas, inspirational dances and an uplifting song added that special flavour of solemnity and celebration to the ceremony. The School Director and the Primary School Principal’s address was peppered with words of wisdom, motivation, inspiration, and guidance.

A beautiful video montage capturing the journey of the Graduates over the years evoked feelings of nostalgia and brought back refreshing memories. The ambivalent ceremony concluded an exuberant chapter and commenced another significant and eventful one.