/Unpacking Paper Two

Unpacking Paper Two

For the last few classes, we all have been tirelessly working on paper two – comparative essays – after working on a set of four poems by Duffy from the collection The World’s Wife. Paper two can be tricky for many, but Ms. Mahashweta, with her constant guidance and support, ensures that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Post the completion of The World’s Wife, we immediately started working on consolidating a document which would consist of the themes, evidence, techniques, and a short analysis of how each piece of evidence explains and traces the theme. It was continuously emphasized that the document will be like our holy grail for Paper two and would also help whilst preparing for our IOs, so we ought to devote time and effort to make it a fine piece of work indeed. The research and compilation for the themes and best corresponding evidence is still on for both works we have studied – the graphic memoir Persepolis and Carol Ann Duffy’s poems.

Following that, we spent a couple of classes on understanding the questions that are asked in paper two and what exactly is expected of us. We were provided six questions that revolve around theme, form, and content, reader response, context, style, and purpose, out of which we were to write a response to one. We unpacked a couple of questions in class under the guidance of Ms. Mahashweta, underscoring the requirements and what would it take to answer each question. Afterwards, we continued our own independent research on the types of questions we would feel confident answering in the exam out of the six. Due to the fact that these assessments would, in part, determine  predicted grades, we were ready to work to the best of our abilities.

Overall, it has been great working towards our goals during the process, even though it can be overwhelming, I can say that everything will indeed be worth it and will fall into place towards the end – after all,  we all are trying our best.

By Mihir Khanna, DP1-F