/The Graduation Ceremony 2022

The Graduation Ceremony 2022

On 8th April 2022, all DP students were involved in the formal graduation ceremony held for the graduating batch of 2022. The purpose of the ceremony was to appreciate and celebrate our DP2 seniors for their hard work during the past 2 years as we send them off to college.

The day started off with three regular lessons, followed by preparations for the event. The decor team was arranging the dinner tables and the amphitheater, whereas the other students were either helping the backstage teams or engaged in the various assigned duties for the big event. The graduation event was an extremely different experience for me as it was mostly student-led and much of the bittersweet emotions of graduating seeped through to me, since I would be part of the next batch as I reach the end of my DP journey. The hard work by both students and teachers was displayed through the beautiful decorations and organization throughout the whole event.

The graduation ceremony started with all the DP2 students being celebrated, then speeches were given, and finally, special awards were handed to the students of the graduating batch. I was extremely mesmerized by the speeches as they brought out the gratefulness and the pride felt by the teachers, parents, and students.

The ceremony was followed by a sit down dinner, in which DP1 students served food to the graduating batch and their parents. The job of being waiters and waitresses brought in a lot of excitement and served as a totem to help us display the pride and respect we hold for our dear seniors. Additionally, I gained the skill of waitering and learned how to serve guests and formally present myself with appreciation and most importantly, a smile on my face.

To conclude, I gained a great experience from being part of such a prestigious event, and it gave me an insight into the graduation process and its emotions. Congratulations to all my graduating seniors, and good luck with your upcoming IB board exams!

Ganiya Gupta, DP1