/Reflection on MYP 2 Spanish Lesson

Reflection on MYP 2 Spanish Lesson

We had to create a school poster for FA orals where we had to describe our school by mentioning the objects, subjects, rules, and parts of the school. The most difficult part for me was writing the school rules since I didn’t know many, but I found it rather easy to write the subjects. While making the poster, I learnt the school rules and some new vocabulary and also wrote a brief explanation of our school. Under the description, I drew a drawing of a school to make it more visually appealing. In the end, I decorated my poster to add some colour to it. when we started presenting, I noticed that every student in the class was nervous, but I wasn’t surprised since we had never made and presented a poster before. I’m glad we got to try something new, and after we all presented, we were complimenting each other’s posters, which made many people feel much more confident. Overall, I think it was a good idea to make a poster because each student made it in their own creative way, and I enjoyed seeing it.

Written by Anandita Kapoor

Originally, we were supposed to have an FA on Tuesday, which everyone was stressed about, especially because of the fact that they were orals. We had to create a poster and present it in class. We then had to answer a few questions that ma’am asked us. When we reached class, I could see how stressed everyone was. After ma’am realised this, she decided to change up the plan for the class. Our teacher told us that we were going to present our posters but not in class. She told us we could go to the amphitheatre or the atrium! We all decided to go to the amphitheatre and some students presented but then it got very humid so we decided to shift to the atrium. Then the rest of the class had their presentations. We had much more fun walking around the school rather than sitting in our classroom (which is still fun). The stress had finally gone and everyone was able to listen to each other’s presentation and learn new things! This Spanish class was a lot of fun and I hope to have more like this one! Thank you Vidisha ma’am!

Through this poster, I learnt many things such as the different parts of the school, the rules we should follow, objects used in the class, subjects and how to write information about my school. This activity was very helpful because I learnt new things (mentioned above), and I learned how to form sentences about specific topics such as the rules, use of objects and more in the target language!

Written by Toyanvi Chhabra