/PSG Junior Model United Nations

PSG Junior Model United Nations

I have always been interested in debating but did not know what platform I could use. I found out about MUN and thought it was a good opportunity to gain knowledge in this field. At first, it seemed a little intimidating, but, as I attended the sessions, I gained perspective on the workings of MUN. It has helped me hone my skills not only in debate but also in research and collaboration. The detailed plans, sessions and presentations gave me clarity about the concepts and terms of a MUN. My knowledge of current affairs and real-life situations has increased as well.

Written by Tara Kumar (MYP 1)

On the 26th and 27th of March, Pathways School Gurgaon held its very first Junior MUN. I was a part of UNICEF where we had an interesting and fruitful MUN. Through the 2 days, we discussed topics like the causes of child labour, the impact of child labour on education, the impact of child labour on health, the impact of child labour on refugees, and focused especially on possible solutions to combat child labour while creating our Draft Resolution. In the 5 committee sessions, we discussed these topics and every delegate presented their country’s stance on the same.

Written by Mahi Malhotra (MYP 3)

All the delegates showed amazing confidence as they spoke their well-written speeches and their outstanding lobbying skills while creating blocs. All delegates spoke with confidence and sent impactful chits which lead to the committee being even more fruitful. Personally, I believe my strengths were my speeches which were written in an effective manner and my lobbying skills as I helped create one of the blocs. At the same time, I could have improved my public speaking skills by giving more attention to voice modulation and emphasising certain words. One memory I have of this committee was the lunch break of the 2nd day where we all rushed to write our whole draft resolution in just an hour and luckily, it was successful. On the last day, before the closing ceremony, to lighten the mood, we had a session called FUNMUN where we did activities such as confessions, where delegates gave anonymous confessions and secrets and we read them out. Overall, these 2 days were days filled with serious deliberation and lots of fun. It was a mind-blowing and amazing experience and I would love to do it again!

Written by Anoushka Jolly (MYP 3)